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Prices And Delivery Charges

  • Prices are for the GTA only. Prices are Subject to change without notice.
  • Prices are applied per Kilogram. Weight is rounded up to the next half Kilogram. A parcel that has an actual weight of 6.2 Kg will be charged as weighing 6.5 Kg.
  • A delivery charge is applied for each parcel.

For parcels to Poland the delivery charge is applied as below.

  • Parcels up to and including 30 Kg = $15 delivery charge.
  • Parcels above 30 Kg up to and including 40 Kg = $25 delivery charge.
  • Parcels above 40 Kg up to and including 50 Kg = $35 delivery charge.
  • Parcels above 50 Kg up to and including 60 Kg = $45 delivery charge.
  • Parcels above 60 Kg up to and including 70 Kg = $55 delivery charge
  • *parcels heavier than 30 kg will be delivered to the front of the building, not up the stairs

Minimum Weight And Chargeable Weight

  • Parcels have a minimum weight requirement for shipping (listed below), for parcels weighing less than this requirement the parcel is charged as the listed minimum weight.
  • A chargeable weight is applied to parcels which have large volume with low weight.
  • Volume weight is calculated as Width * Height * Length (cm)/6000. Chargeable weight is applied when the calculated result (Volume weight) exceeds actual weight.

Delivery Schedule

  1. The approximate delivery times by air is 7-14 days and by sea is 5-7 weeks*
  2. Our air shipments are sent 3 times per week and our sea shipments are sent a minimum of 1 time per week
  3. *Delivery time is calculated from the time the package is received in our warehouse in Brampton.


  • All parcels are insured up to the declared value, with a maximum of CAD $60.00
  • Additional insurance options:
  • $7.00 – up to CAD $300.00
    $11.00 – up to CAD $500.00
    $21.00 – up to CAD $1000.00
  • All insurance options only cover loss of a parcel. The insurance does not cover damage. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure their parcel is properly packed for shipment.